#graduasiatrip – taipei, taiwan

I traveled to Taipei solo where I’d hang out on my own for a few days and then meet up with my friends for the second half of time there. Taipei is a dream. I love the architecture, people and cleanliness. AND THE FOOD. Taiwanese street food is every foodie’s dream. I think in the… Continue reading #graduasiatrip – taipei, taiwan


Milano, Venezia, Cinque Terre, Firenze, and Roma My trip to Italy was done in two different trips. I actually flew into the Milan airport on my way to Switzerland because it was significantly cheaper, and the second Italy visit was done partially solo. My cousin, Gina, was visiting her paternal mother country through a church… Continue reading italy

paris pt. 3 – the food

My home for four fabulous months, Paris should be on everyone’s bucket list.  I’m going to list some food places that I believe every tourist should think about going to when coming to this magical city. Also, this will continually be a working list, I hope to make additions to this post as often as possible! the food:… Continue reading paris pt. 3 – the food