paris pt. 3 – the food

My home for four fabulous months, Paris should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

I’m going to list some food places that I believe every tourist should think about going to when coming to this magical city.

Also, this will continually be a working list, I hope to make additions to this post as often as possible!

the food:

1st District (Louvre):

  • Angelina’s (cafe with desserts and pastries)
  • La Maison du Chocolat (chocolate shop)

2nd District:

  • Kotteri Ramen (ramen)
  • Akii (Japanese bakery)
  • Gambino’s Pizza
  • Le Cevicheria (ceviche)
  • Sanukiya (udon)

3rd District (Le Marais):

  • Pain de Sucre (dessert/patisserie)
  • Les Enfants Rouges (farmer’s market)
  • Chez Alain Miam Miam (sandwiches)
  • Popelini (cream puffs)
  • Breizh Cafe (crepes)
  • Soon Grill 
  • L’as du Fallafel
  • Du Pain et des Idees (one of the best bakeries in Paris – get a pistachio escargot [not actually a snail] bread in shape of snail)
  • Candelaria (Mexican tacos)
  • Strada Cafe (English style coffee shop)
  • Loustic (English style coffee shop)
  • Comme a Lisbonne (Portuguese egg tarts)
  • Deux Fois Plus de Pimet (Schezwan Chinese food)
  • The Beast: (Texas style bbq)
  • Banh Mi: (Vietnamese style sandwiches)

4th District:

  • Le Bistrot Du Perigord (French)
  • Grains Nobles (French)
  • Bouillon Racine (French)

5th District:

  • Au P’tit Grec (crepes)
  • Le Sirocco (Moroccan)
  • Desvouges (French)

14th District:

  • Rue Daguerre (street with a great collection of brasseries/cafes)

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