#graduasiatrip – cebu, philippines

Cebu was a miss for me. I didn’t love the food or people that I met. I have a few highlights though.

1. Mountain Biking.

Apparently, people from all over the globe come to Cebu for its acclaimed mountain biking trails. I am a horrendous biker. The last bike I was on was with a city tour in Kyoto with my sister and I ran into a trash can. I was dressed in athletic gear and I see myself as a somewhat athletically capable person. The tour guide took in my attire and physique and deemed our group should go on intermediate trails, (I had no idea until the end of the tour).  Overall, I really enjoyed myself. I fell so many times and hung with the boys, but next time I want to be better prepared.


2. The Costabella Resort.

With a private beach and dock, this resort was the ultimate relaxation stop for me. I read, napped and drank on the beach. It was perfect.


The next time I visit the Philippines, I’ll probably skip Cebu for another island…

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