#graduasiatrip – taipei, taiwan

I traveled to Taipei solo where I’d hang out on my own for a few days and then meet up with my friends for the second half of time there.

Taipei is a dream. I love the architecture, people and cleanliness. AND THE FOOD. Taiwanese street food is every foodie’s dream. I think in the five days I was in Taipei, I went to four night markets.

Day 1, I visited Taipei 101, unfortunately on a cloudy day, and hiked Elephant Mountain.



Day 2, I went to the Yehliu Geopark, which my Geo friend Calyn would have loved.




Day 3, my friend Bowen from uni joined me and we took the Gondola up to Maokong, where we hiked and enjoyed the views.



On my fourth day, my other friend Emily joined our band of misfits and we saw the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and ate at the novelty restaurant the Modern Toilet.

On my final day, Taiwan was celebrating a national holiday, the Dragon Boat Races, where my friends and I went to a local park where teams from across the city were racing each other on dragon boats. It was such a fun, local experience.


Here are pics of all the food I ate. I LOVED TAIPEI. I will definitely be coming back!


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