food for thought

I have been living in Portland for almost two months now… Some days I feel like I just got here, and others it feels like I’ve been living here for a while.


Something I’ve noticed recently is my desire to fill my life with people to nurture/care. In Texas, I was constantly surrounded by loved ones, either family or friends. Here, the closest I am to someone I sincerely love is almost 2,000 miles away. I thrive on caring for and taking care of others.

I miss taking care of the people I love. That’s my love language and without it, I feel like I’m missing something integral in my life – something that truly motivates me.

Just a realization I’ve made recently that has led me to reassess my life. Do I want to continue to look for “my people.” Or should I learn to channel this into taking care of myself first for a while. For so long now, I’ve always put my loved ones before my own well being because my happiness stems from their’s. Now I need to decide whether or not that’s how I want to continue my life. Or if I want to grow into a stronger young woman and be completely independent. However, that poses the question of the level of independence I want to live. I am an island?

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