Malaga, Sevilla, Madrid and Barcelona

Spain was a mixture of emotions. At ESCP, I got a week long Fall Break, so my sister, Katherine, decided that would be the best time to visit and explore Spain together. I started with a flight to Malaga, took a train to Sevilla, trained to Madrid and finally a train to Barcelona. There were bus-ing options, but my sister, being the recent college grad did not believe in overnight buses and slumming it, so we paid premiums for the trains and convenience.

I arrived in Malaga by myself for the first few days and just hung out by the beach and drank Sangria. I went on a Malaga Bike Tour, which was inexpensive and I got to see the city on bike! The streets were easy to navigate and there were predetermined bike lanes, so I never felt unsafe. On our bike tour we went to a wine bar and I got to sample some great Spanish wine. Something I loved about Malaga was since it was such a large port based city, there was fresh seafood everywhere! I had paella almost every day.

Seville was probably my favorite city in Spain. It was different from the others because of its rich Moor history. Everything was ornate and the ceramics were beautiful. We also did a natural hot springs here. (My sister and I love doing those.) And it was relaxing. With our package, we got to soak in the naturally hot salt waters and get an hour long massage. Seville is also the city where some of the Game of Thrones scenes have been shot. It’s in one of the most famous gardens in Spain and it’s breathtaking. Kat and I got lost a few times because the grounds are so lush and expansive, it was a bit hard to navigate.

In Madrid, my friend Cat met up with us. She was known as my Paris Cat. Madrid was a typical Spanish city to me. It was large and bustling, but nothing that really stood out. Other than the churros con chocolat and the Sangria, I didn’t really care for Madrid. We didn’t visit the Royal Family’s castle and we didn’t get to see a Real Madrid game, but with the good company and good food, it’s hard to complain.

Finally, Barcelona. This city was fun. We happened to come on Halloween Weekend, so there were tourists everywhere. We also met up with a group of my guy friends traveling around Spain. Saragda Familia was a sight to see. It was the ultimate Gaudi experience. And talk about gaudy… I think those who like that kind of architecture can appreciate Gaudi’s genius, but I am definitely not one of them.

Overall, I would go back to Spain, but not immediately. I’m not itching to go back because it was so wonderful or anything. Maybe just for the churros and Sangria…

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