#graduasiatrip – thailand


My sister, Katherine and I are in Thailand for one week and we try to make the most of it by starting north in Chiang Mai, venturing south to Krabi and Koh Lanta and ending in Bangkok.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Chiang Mai:

The first day we get here was a total fail. We arrive around 2pm and check into our hotel by 3pm. I suggest taking a mini cat nap to my sister that hopefully will last 30 minutes. By the time I wake up, it’s been a seven hour nap and Katherine’s just sleeping along with me.

The second day was much better. We wake bright and early and start on a tour of Doi Inthanon, which features the highest point in all of Thailand. The overall tour was fun and decently priced – and this happened to be on my 22nd birthday, so it was a good day. We visit countless waterfalls and the tombs of past kings and queens.

Our third day was one of our best in Thailand. We visited the Elephant Nature Park, where we got to interact with over twenty different elephants. When traveling through South East Asia, tourists really need to be aware of responsible tourism. Elephant Nature Park doesn’t subject their residents to cruel trekking rides or stupid tourist traps.


Koh Lanta:

Koh Lanta was highly recommended by so many bloggers that my sister and I thought it’d be a hit. We stayed at a really nice resort on the north side of the island and being low season we basically had the place to ourselves. Our first day was beyond rainy, monsoon-ing outside really, so we took a Thai cooking class!

The next day, we completely ditch our plans of staying in Koh Lanta for Railay Beach, which is along the Thai mainland, but is only accessible by boat. We loved Railay. We made some friends with a group of Europeans and hung out with them, but overall I loved this place!



We went paddle boarding and just relaxed on the beautiful beach.



We finish off our Thai days in Bangkok where we went to the biggest street market in Thailand, and we loved it. Katherine and I went crazy, shopping and buying everything!

Thailand was great, I think my expectations for the country were too high, especially considering the season we went (monsoon). Until next time!!

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