nguyen’s go west


Marfa, TX and White Sands, NM

My best friend, Jennifer, and I decided for our last undergrad Spring Break we would take a road trip to the road less traveled (aka West Texas). We drove from Austin to Marfa and then Marfa to White Sands.

This year alone I’ve been able to visit two of Texas’ bordering states that I’ve never been to before.

IMG_4649Our drive was fun, filled with laughter, silliness and singing. It was a long nine hour drive to Marfa, but it went without a hitch (more or less…. almost running out of gas in the middle of nowhere and Jen getting pulled over for speeding but getting away with a warning… yeah just your typical road trip endeavors). Marfa is such a quirky little town. It’s basically a hip art scene in the middle of the desert. The people weren’t too welcoming to either of us. I’m not sure if it was because we were Asian or if it was because we weren’t hipster enough to, ironically, “fit” in with them. We went glamping (glamour camping) at El Cosmico and that I would definitely do again.

From Marfa we drove to Alpine and stopped at the famous Target Stand, which is really just a shack. And then we stopped at Prada Marfa, which is an art installment from Marfa Ballroom. It’s weird, and I don’t get it. But I don’t really understand modern art…

New Mexico was great. It was relaxed and New Mexicans are really chill. We went to a microbrewery (which of course I loved) and to White Sands National Park. It was really windy that day, like 50mph winds, so we had to leave early.


I think I would want to go back to NM, but Marfa was a miss for me. It was cool for the day we were there, but any more I would have been bored out of my mind. The little shops sold simple clothing for over $400…. Not my kind of place.

Finally, this was our Golden Nugget, the vehicle that got us from Central to West Texas and beyond.

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