new orleans, la

After living in Texas my entire life, it took a group of friends on a spontaneous trip to get me to New Orleans. Aka one of my favorite cities in the U.S. The entire atmosphere is inviting and fun. The food is beyond amazing and I’ll definitely be coming back for beignets.



Cafe du Monde – This place is an New Orleans institution. The first night we get to NOLA, it’s about 2am. Of course all of us are thinking the same thing: beignets. I think we get to Cafe du Monde around 3am and thankfully there isn’t a line. We order, eat and are merry! This place is 24/7 and when we tried to come back the next day it was about a two hour wait for a table. Tip: in the middle of the night there’s no wait!



  • Acme Oyster House
    • I think my love for oysters is a new development, but now I can’t go back to my previous ignorance.


  • Gumbo Shop
  • French Farmers Market
  • French Quarter

We went during Mardi Gras, so it was absolutely crazy, but the experience was worth it. Especially because it was my first time in New Orleans. Also, KING CAKE is everything!!! The cinnamon and cheesecake ones are my favorite. I would drive six hours for this alone.

  • Frenchman’s Street
    • While we were here we ran into Andy Grammar!


  • Bourbon Street

By the time the weekend ended, I made new friends, got closer with my friends and was exhausted. Until next time, NOLA!



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