Bordeaux and Lyon

Bordeaux and Lyon were both quick one day trips. From a 3euro Megabus ride from Paris, Bordeaux is my favorite French city (outside of Paris, of course). Bordeaux’s fine wine is something I will never forget.

Traveling solo, I went on a wine tour through St. Emilion. This tour schooled me on the must knows of wine. Now I can act like a snooty rich person because I know the specifics on how to handle and drink wine. We visited two different Chateaus. One more commercialized (Chateau De Ferrand) and quite large and one family owned and operated (Chateau Bernateau). I went through Rustic Vines Tour and I recommend it! The tour guide was 1. very attractive and 2. very knowledgeable. The perfect afternoon if you ask me!


Lyon was a little different. I went to the city without a plan and as a UNESCO world heritage site I thought I’d be fine just walking around the city, but it was really boring. After a few hours, I had walked the entire length of the city and visited everything I wanted to see. It was very pretty and very French, but more than that I was bored.


Overall, I’d go to Bordeaux in a heartbeat, but I’d skip out on Lyon.

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  1. Did you visit Vieux Lyon, Croix-Rousse, Fourvière in Lyon ? Did you visit the traboules ? Did you go to Parc de la Tête d’or ? Lyon really is a city you should take time to visit, and, quite unfortunately, also is a city you can’t really discover without a true Lyonnais guide 😉 Most of its beauties are well-hidden. I hope you’ll come back some day 🙂


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