the netherlands


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AmsterDAYUM. Wow. This city is great. I know tourists from all over the world come for the pot and Red Light District, but this city is so much more than that. I went with a great group of friends and we walked the city, went on bike tours and ate everything.

We went to Museumplein (where the I AMSTERDAM sign is) and in that same area is the Vincent Van Gogh museum. Europe has so many museums that eventually I was sick and tired of all of the culture, but I would definitely pay the 18euros to see Van Gogh’s work again. He is one of my favorite artists and his entire museum was a dedication to him and his work.


We also took a tour of the Heineken Brewery. So so fun! It was around 20euros and while learning about the beer you get to enjoy a cold brew!

Finally, we went on a bike tour, going from the city to the countryside. It was exhausting (everyone bikes and is in amazing shape and expects us tourists to go just as fast…) but the views were worth it. Also, on this tour we got to visit a Dutch cheese farm. The Farmer was incredible. He knew over 30 ways to say Hello (including Vietnamese!), and he had the biggest personality. His cheese was fresh and delicious. I bought myself a log or two.




Last thing I’ll mention is the food that we ate. A lot of the food was pretty Westernized, but with Dutch colonization of Indonesia, there was a large Indo presence. We ate a fabulous restaurant and here’s a pic of our spread…


Until next time Amsterdam!

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