Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich

Germany initially started out as a trip from Hell. We miss our flight to Berlin, we pay for a second flight to Hamburg instead of Berlin and as we board our flight to Hamburg, one of my friends realizes she’s forgotten her passport at home. Utter Hell.


The diversion to Hamburg was a blessing in disguise. Hamburg is serene. It’s exactly how you imagine a northern German city. We get there at night so there’s not much to enjoy before our bus ride to Berlin, but we explore the grounds for a few hours.


Berlin is a fun town. It’s quirky and unique. Germans speak of how Berlin is like the Austin of Texas. It’s the capital of the country (state), and it doesn’t really fit in. Berlin is out there, from it’s weird art structures to explorations in different foods. We went to Museum Island, Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, The Berlin Wall and the Jewish Memorial.

Tip: Reichstag always has a long line, but going up is worth it. Usually try to book a few weeks in advance, but if not going the day of sometimes works! That’s what we ended up doing and it worked out for us.

The Jewish Memorial was somber, of course, but it was really something. From an aerial view, all of the rectangular structures are the same size, but looking at the structures head on some are taller than others. Berlin is a city with a lot of graffiti. It’s really everywhere. Thinking ahead, those who built the memorial built the structures with material that is paint-proof. It’s really remarkable.

Augustiner-Brau: I am in love with beer. German and Belgian beers especially. Both Berlin and Munich catered to my love of brews and it’s definitely something I would go back to Germany for.

The Berlin Wall (the Eastern portion that is quite famous) is something to see. It’s filled with tourists and it’s quite open, so it’s convenient to visit anytime.



Now Munich is my sort of city. I spend a little over 48 hours here, but it’s lively, yet down to Earth. The people aren’t as stuck up as the Berlin-ers and really those from Bavaria are just different. They know what hospitality means and they know how to have a good time.

Something that you can’t miss is Hofbrau House. It’s an establishment. Beyond amazing good home comfort German food. And the beer is great. Wonderful bite and I was tempted to get an entire pitcher, but my friend said he wasn’t going to carry me out of the restaurant.

Another attraction we went to was the Neuschwastein Castle. One Bavarian crazy king began building it centuries ago, but ran out of money so it’s still unfinished. This was something one of my friend’s really wanted to do, so we did it. But I would not recommend it. I think there are better sights and the Castle is quite far from Munich and a bit pricey.


Give me more German beer and I’ll be a happy gal!

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