paris pt. 1 – the people

Here begins the journey of a lifetime…

IMG_2712Fall 2015 – I start school at ESCP Europe in Paris, France. I am officially a Senior in college and life is pretty sweet (especially the eclairs). I move to Paris the first week of September into a tiny one bedroom apartment with another girl who goes to my uni. We’ve only met a couple of times, but cost-wise, this was my best option.

First impressions are everything. From your physical appearance to your mannerisms, those you interact with create impressions that will probably last the rest of your relationship. My first day at orientation was daunting to say the least. I am a typically introverted person that does not like to deal with the social conventions of meeting new people. Orientation was my Everest and I had no chance of getting out of it.

People define our experiences. 

Thankfully, I made a good group of friends who I would later travel with and still keep in touch with today. However, some of the friends I started with at the beginning of the semester were not the friends I ended with.


My Jersey girl studying in St. Louis. Cat and I were fast friends and she became a permanent fixture in my life in Paris. From spending the night at my tiny apartment to our constant eating adventures, Catherine became my Paris Cat (a play on my sister’s name Kat). We were constantly together when we were in Paris and we traveled to London together for Thanksgiving. This girl is beyond amazing, and truly impacted my experience in the best way possible. Our friends knew we were inseparable and began calling us twins (which we started…) We would have entire conversations using only Facebook stickers to communicate with one another, and we would indulge in the most decadent desserts.

A Portland girl studying at USC who had a love for sweets and shopping – we were instantly friends. Sophia and I didn’t travel outside of Paris much, but when we were both in the city, I would constantly seek her companionship. It’s amazing, it’s been months since I’ve seen her, but she’s coming to visit me in Austin in a few weeks! (And I’m beyond excited!!!) Sophia and I bonded instantly and continued our friendship through eating and shopping together. Our personalities were so in sync and so not, all at the same time, but we’re great friends.

My boys. Four guys helped define my experience. Kevin, Marco, Ben and Brian. All four from different places, but all such good people. Spanning three different continents, these four dudes were fun, always entertaining and the best food buddies around. To the next food adventure!

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